Explore the surrounding areas of:

      • DeSoto State Park
      • Little River Canyon
      • Fort Payne, Alabama (home of the "Alabama Boys" singing group)
      • the quaint town of Mentone, Alabama with less than one thousand inhabitants (451 in 2000 census)
      • or wander a little farther into the Lookout Mountain area near Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Every season brings new natural delights!

The City of Mentone

Mentone (meaning “singing waters”) is in the heart of Cherokee and Confederate history.  

Developed as a resort and summer getaway around the turn of the century, Mentone is “one of the best kept secrets in the southeast” and boasts being the camping capital of the world with thirteen summer camps.  

It is ideally situated on the west brow of the southern range of the Appalachians narrow strip of plateau known since the 1800s as Lookout Mountain.  The tourist destination called Mentone overlooks the sweeping scenic valleys of DeKalb County.

Desoto State Park
Kayak @ Little River
Lookout Mountain near Chattanooga, Tennessee
Mentone Alabama Cabins
Fort Payne, Alabama